MoreGallery is an intuitive and powerful image gallery for MODX with video support, tags, cropping and custom fields.

Developed by: Mark Hamstra
Current Version: 1.5.8-pl
Downloads: 1587
Price: € 25* per site

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MoreGallery is a Custom Resource Type in MODX which provides an intuitive and fully featured gallery experience. And, of course, you get 100% control over the markup.

  • User Friendly

    Click Upload and choose an image. Drag & drop to reorder. Click to see a larger image. Managing a gallery shouldn't be a chore, and MoreGallery makes it easy, even for non-technical users.

  • Flexible

    Add custom fields while staying in control of your markup. Go for an accessible HTML-first gallery, or a fancy gallery viewer; MoreGallery gives you the flexibility to build what you like.

  • In the Resource Tree

    As a Custom Resource Type, galleries created with MoreGallery live in the Resource Tree making it a first class citizen of your content.

  • Backed by modmore

    Every license includes a year of email support from our team, on top of our community forum, documentation, and FAQs. If you have a question about MoreGallery, we've got your back!

Trusted by hundreds of clients, MoreGallery is praised for its design, ease of use. and flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of galleries.


Jesse Couch


I used MoreGallery to provide a photographer client a streamlined way to manage her portfolio site, and was I ever impressed. It is full featured while remaining very easy to use and quite pretty to look at as well. Kudos to Mark and the modmore team. I'll be using this extra in a lot of my future projects.


Patrick Beeli


It's extremely convenient to implement and maintain galleries with MoreGallery. I'm faster setting galleries up, my customers like to use it. Don't want to miss it anymore! Very very well done modmore.


Buddhi Magar

I have been using MoreGallery for my site to display photo galleries of the various event. This is one of the best I have used so far. It is easy to use as the documentation are very clearly written. Not only that, the support modmore provides is second to none. Quick response with precise answer. You just have to let modmore know what your problem is.

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Product Features & Functionality
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Documentation & Support
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MoreGallery offers drag & drop uploads and reordering, clear actions and autosaving making it a pleasure to manage galleries. Take a peek at the interface below.


    Super Easy Uploads

    Uploading in MoreGallery is as easy as clicking the Upload button - which is always in view, even when scrolling through a huge gallery - and selecting the images from your computer. If you prefer drag & drop you can just drop an image anywhere in the gallery to have it uploaded as well.


    Importing from the Server

    Is the image you need already on your server? Using the Import button you will find yourself in the standard MODX Browser, where you can select the image you'd like to import. That will create a copy of the image in the gallery folder and run it through the standard upload process as well.


    Quick Image Counts

    The number of images is always visible on the top right of the gallery; useful if you'd like to know how big your gallery has become.


    Automatic Manager Thumbnails

    To preserve browser memory and speed things up, the manager automatically creates static thumbnail files for every image you upload or import. These are 250px in size and, with a bit of responsive magic, it will fit as many images as it can inside each row of the gallery.


    View the full image

    Clicking the image will open up a larger version in a modal window for you to get a good look.


    Hide & Remove Images

    Using the quick actions for hiding and removing an image that are available on hover, you can easily (temporarily) remove images from a gallery.


    Edit the image details

    Click the white bar below the image to open up the image details window. This will allow you to manage crops, tags and the name and description of the image. Have a look at the other screenshot to see what that can do!


    Inactive images

    Inactive images show up faded and with a grey instead of white bar. These images are hidden from the front-end, but remain available in the gallery to be reactivated in the future. If you want to get rid of an image completely, use the remove option instead.


    Gallery Section

    As a Custom Resource, MoreGallery adds its gallery block where you would normally find the content. Through settings, you have the ability to place the content before or after the Gallery block, as well as in a new tab or hiding it completely.

    As with the Content block, you can collapse the Gallery block temporarily with the icon on the right.


Click the image name to edit the image information, including a rich description, auto-complete tags, and custom fields.


    Image Preview

    It's all about the image, so when editing an image we include a decently-sized preview of the full image on the side for you.



    Through the powerful cropping mechanism in MoreGallery you can create additional copies of the image in different sizes and aspect ratios. Either freeform or constrained to specific sizes or aspect ratios as defined by you.

    Simply click Edit Crop and the image preview will show a cropping tool to select the part of the image to use. Hovering over the tiny thumbnail will enlarge it to get a better look.


    Meta Data

    The name, description and link field come standard in MoreGallery on every image. The rich text editor is optional (enabled by default) and will allow you to add rich content to an image. All fields save automatically when they lose focus, but the save button at the bottom allows you to trigger a manual save as well.



    Tags are managed in such a way that filtering by them is performant and easy to do with the provided snippets. When typing you will also get typeahead suggestions for tags that have already been used before on the site.


    Custom Fields

    The Copyright and Image Class fields in this screenshot are custom fields - you can configure these through system settings, but also per gallery. Custom fields exist in different types, including text field, text area, rich text and select dropdowns.


You can try MoreGallery live on our Demo Site!

The screenshots above give you a quick overview of how things work in MoreGallery, but you're also welcome to login to our demo site and play with our sample setup.

Try MoreGallery on the Demo Site »

Questions? We've got answers.

I've installed MoreGallery, how do I create a new Gallery?

MoreGallery installs itself as a custom Resource, so to create your first gallery you will need to create a new Gallery Resource. To do you can right click anywhere in the tree, choose Create in the context menu, and then choose Create a new Gallery Here. After saving the resource a first time you can start adding images. 

Also have a look at the MoreGallery User Guide for more information on managing galleries with MoreGallery. 

Can MoreGallery automatically import IPTC image data on upload?

It indeed can! When you upload an image with IPTC data embedded, it will prefill the image information immediately. In v1.3 this only happens for the name, as of v1.4 this has been extended to also automatically fill tags.

For the name, MoreGallery will look at the Caption, Headline and DocumentTitle IPTC data where the latter takes priority. For tags, it will combine all values from the Category, Subcategories and Keywords IPTC values.

Read more about how you can use the IPTC data here.

What Gallery script can I use with MoreGallery?

Using MoreGallery as the source of images, you can use any CSS or JavaScript photo gallery script. PrettyPhoto is fairly common, however you could also use a super accessible html-first gallery!

Can I manage video with MoreGallery?

Yes you can! We added support for YouTube and Vimeo videos in MoreGallery 1.5. In the gallery, you just click Add Video and paste in the link. MoreGallery will then automatically load a thumbnail for the video, as well as the title and description.

For MoreGallery versions before 1.5 we used to suggest the following work arounds. Both work arounds require that you first upload an image thumbnail/placeholder before adding the video link.

  • In MoreGallery 1.4 you can add Custom Fields to contain your video embed code or file url.
  • Older versions can reuse the URL/Link field to specify a link to the video.

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