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At modmore we build Premium Extras for MODX. Combined with a suite of Open Source Extras, MODX Consults, an online magazine about MODX and regular contributions to the core, we call that More for MODX.
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Premium Extras

Our Premium Extras are high quality addons for MODX, with helpful docs and 24 hour support. Designed to work with your designs and processes, we give you the tools to take on any project.

Open Source

Aside from our Premium Extras, we also provide a growing suite of Open Source Extras and tools to enhance your MODX projects. Licensed as MIT or GPL, so free to use and extend, hosted on GitHub.

Excellent & Fast Support

Do you have a question? Browse our FAQs, discuss it on the forum, or simply send us an email and—just like 2,600+ other tickets with a 93% "Great" rating—a human will get back to you shortly.

Popular Premium Extras from modmore


Tired of dealing with messy markup, endless support calls and 10 steps to upload an image? Redactor is a powerful, completely configurable and user friendly RTE for MODX.


ContentBlocks brings the next level of Content Editing to MODX, providing multiple columns of content, rich input types for any type of content, and complete control over your markup.


MoreGallery is a custom resource type that puts Galleries where they belong: in the Resource tree! Has drag-n-drop multi image uploads, sorting and of course 100% control over the front-end.

Accept with SimpleCart

SimpleCart already accepts PayPal, Mollie and Stripe payments, but as of today you can also use! This payment method was sponsored by Roger Sullivan, Founder of Snow Day Code, and allows you to accept credit card payments through the hosted checkout.

Announcing Redactor 2.0

The first major version of Redactor was released back in June 2013, when we introduced modmore to the world. It gives me great pleasure to share with you a new major version of awesome: Redactor 2.0.

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