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We set the bar incredibly high for our Extras, to give you the best tools available for MODX. With helpful documentation, flexible solutions, and support to back you up, you can take on any project.


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Need help? Our email support is here when you need it. We've answered almost 1900 questions from over 700 customers so far. 50% of those were within three hours, and 91% within 24 hours - even in the weekend.
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Popular Premium Extras from modmore


Looking for a better editor? Meet Redactor. This commercial WYSIWYG editor brings you a lightweight & user friendly editing experience.


Websites are more than just text. Then why do we just enter text into the CMS? Embrace the future of structured content with ContentBlocks.


MoreGallery is a custom resource type that puts Galleries where they belong: in the Resource tree! Has drag-n-drop multi image uploads, sorting and of course 100% control over the front-end.

Revolution 2.4 is out

Today marks the release of Revolution 2.4.0. All our premium extras and free extras have been tested in 2.4 and updating shouldn’t cause any issues.

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