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Commerce makes it easy to sell online exactly the way you want. Extend functionality with our Payment Methods and Modules or build your own.

Developed by: modmore
Current Version: 0.11.0-rc1
Downloads: 234
Price: € 299* per site

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Commerce makes it easy to sell online exactly the way you want. Extend functionality with our Payment Methods and Modules or build your own. Backed by our excellent support, Commerce is the best solution for creating an online store with MODX Revolution.

Commerce is currently in Public Beta

After 10 months of private beta, we've now opened up Commerce for public beta!

We consider Commerce safe to use in production, but not yet complete. The Commerce Roadmap has a list of the features and improvements we’re still planning to complete before officially launching Commerce 1.0.

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Online shops can be tricky business. Here's how we plan to help you succeed.

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Solid & Secure Foundation

SimpleCart taught us the importance of getting the basics right. Commerce has kept core product handling, calculations and "hardcoded" functionality simple, and organised. This way it's easy to test, extend and maintain.

Roughly 70% of Commerce's PHP code is currently covered by automated unit tests, which we intend to bring up to 95% before the stable release. These tests run throughout development, on different platforms, allowing us to catch bugs before you do!


Ready to Accept Payments in minutes

Commerce's full flexibility isn't always necessary. Sometimes you just need a couple of products, a simple checkout, and start accepting payments. That's why we've made it easy to accept orders in minutes, just by enabling the modules you need and adding some configuration.


Detailed Documentation

Features that aren't documented, simply don't exist. That's why we've been writing documentation during the development, and are continuely adding more. Ranging from user guides (coming soon) explaining the merchant dashboard, through implementation instructions, and even a detailed developer reference explaining how Commerce works, and showing module examples.


Built to be Extended

While the base functionality might be great, being able of extending Commerce is its biggest feature. Through modules and custom models it is possible to do change Commerce in dozens of ways. Change the checkout flow? Check. Implement dynamic address validation? Check. Change an icon in the dashboard? Check. Add an entirely new section to the merchant dashboard? Check. Custom payment and delivery methods with dynamic prices? Check. CRM integrations? Check. Check, check, check.

Commerce 1.0 may not have all features you might need. But it will let you build all of them, neatly integrated, without hurting your upgrade path.


Covered by Excellent Support

Feel free to send us an email at any time. If you got stuck, found a bug, or just want to bounce off some ideas for a new module, we've got your back. Within 24 hours at most, a lot faster during work hours. If you need priority support with a SLA, direct phone line, or live chat: contact Mark.

User Guide (coming soon!)

Aimed at non-technical readers, the User Guide explains how to use the Commerce merchant dashboard for fulfilling orders, editing products, and managing the rest of their shop.

Implementation Docs

For the developers and designers: covering how to implement Commerce, setting up a cart, tweaking the order process and launching a store. The Quick Start will get you up and running in minutes!

Developers Reference

Developers only! Learn more about how we built the Commerce core, Modules, and how you can extend it to add new features, override behaviours or other ways to hack the code.

You've got questions, we've got answers.

When will Commerce be available?

Commerce is currently in invite-only beta. The public beta is next on the cards and expected before the end of the summer. Commerce 1.0 is planned for later this year.

How much does Commerce cost?

Commerce is priced at €299 per license. A license is valid for one MODX installation, and includes all future 1.x upgrades and our standard email support.

Free development licenses are available for development and for trying out Commerce prior to purchasing a license.

You’ll be able to buy a license once Commerce reaches 1.0.

How does Commerce handle product prices and sales tax/VAT?

Taxes in Commerce are quite flexible. They are organised around Tax Groups, assigned to your products, and Tax Rules that determine when a certain Rate Provider should be used.

Product prices can be configured to be either inclusive or exclusive of taxes. When a customer address is available, taxes will be shown as soon as a product is added to the cart.

Read more about Taxes in Commerce in the documentation.

What are the requirements for running Commerce?

For Commerce we've set slightly higher requirements than our other extras.

  • PHP 5.5+ (5.6 or higher strongly recommended)
  • MODX Revolution 2.5.2 or higher
  • Valid HTTPS certificate and configuration on the website

It is possible to install Commerce without meeting all of these requirements right away, however you will be warned about the lacking configuration on the dashboard, and may not be able of switching the shop to live mode depending on what requirement is missing.

What will happen to SimpleCart when Commerce is released?

We'll continue providing support for it and improving it for at least a year after the first Commerce 1.0 stable release. Over the next couple of months we'll work on at least one more Payment Gateway for SimpleCart and adding some improvements to make it more flexible. We wrote about this in more detail: How Commerce affects SimpleCart.

One of the cool things about Commerce is that it allows you to use different tools to manage your catalog of products. The SimpleCart custom resources are a great example of what you might use for managing your catalog, so rather than throwing SimpleCart out with the bath water, we intend to offer a solid integration between the two.

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Want to know when Commerce is available?

Enter your email address to get notified when Commerce 1.0 is released.

If you signed up for early access testing before July 2017, you're already on this list.


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