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Migrate SimpleCart Licenses to modmore

In June 2015 the modmore team took over development of SimpleCart. Licensing and support are now handled by, and old licenses need to be migrated to receive updates and be eligible for support. All SimpleCart users with valid licenses (new and old!) are invited to use the tool below to move them to modmore. 

To be able of migrating your license, you'll need to know (1) the username or email which you used to login to, and (2) the Migration Key, which can be found in Account > Your Profile on the SimpleCart website. When these details are correct, we assign the SimpleCart licenses to the logged in account which you can use to upgrade your existing installs to SimpleCart 2.3. 

Licenses & Support

The migration will assign one license for each domain SimpleCart has been installed on. In the case of unused licenses, you'll get 2 licenses (one for production, and one for staging). It is only possible to migrate licenses once. 

All SimpleCart licenses created after December 3rd, 2014 receive a support extension until June 3rd, 2016, completely free.  

For licenses created before December 3rd, 2014, support is not included, but a one-year support extension is available at half the normal license price (starting at €49,50). We recommend purchasing this extension if you have a live shop to make sure you can take advantage of our support. Support renewals are available from the Purchases page in your account after migrating the licenses. 

License Migration Tool

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If you're having trouble migrating your licenses, please contact [email protected]

Completed the migration?

After your licenses have been migrated, here's what you need to do to update your SimpleCart installation:

  1. Visit the modmore API Keys page to create a new API Key. Note: at modmore, an API key is only used as login to the package provider, it is not tied to a license.
  2. In your site's MODX Manager add the modmore package provider using your API Key.
  3. On the Packages tab, click the arrow on the Download Extras button, and choose Select a Provider. Choose the provider.
  4. In the Package Browser, either search for SimpleCart or browse to Premium Extras > SimpleCart. Choose the Download option on the SimpleCart package. 
  5. Go back to the Packages tab, and install the package.

In the future, updates from modmore will be highlighted on the package with the familiar Update button. 


Disclaimer: Viewing non-Euro pricing

You are currently viewing prices in a non-Euro currency. Please be advised that these prices are estimates, based on data by Open Exchange Rates.

While we offer this currency converter hoping our users find it convenient, all purchases are made in Euro, and the final amount charged can vary depending on payment provider, day, time of day and a number of other factors outside of modmore's control. There are no guarantees on accuracy and modmore nor Open Exchange Rates can not be held liable for errors.