Your website has a goal: get people to sign up, purchase stuff from your shop or to use your reservation widget. Of course the design and interaction has been tailored specifically for guiding your visitors to achieving that goal. So how well is it performing? Are people signing up, buying or making reservations? Could a different design or interaction help increase your conversion rate?

Those questions can be hard to answer, but SimpleAB can provide you with the data.

SimpleAB is built to let you easily handle split or A/B tests with an infinite amount of variations, from within MODX. SimpleAB supports testing Templates and Chunks, so you can try out different designs for entire pages, or just for specific elements.

SimpleAB does all of its magic transparently under the hood: the URL stays the same no matter the shown variation. We could be A/B testing this page right now, and you wouldn't even know!

If you need help with SimpleAB please visit our forum.