Quickstart Buttons • Changelog

This page contains the changelog for the Quickstart Buttons package. Some of these releases have only been available through the Pre-releases Channel in the package provider, which is indicated per release, while others are distributed to everyone. To receive Pre-releases, enable it for specific API Keys in your account.

Quickstart Buttons 1.3.0-rc1

Released on 2016-03-07

  • Update to Font Awesome 4.5.0 [#21]
  • Make sure icons resolver adds new icons on update
  • Fix CSS scoping issue [#35]
  • Fix issue loading Font Awesome CSS with compress_css enabled [#20]
  • Add missing media/browser action [#34]
  • Fix loading actions after save [#31]
  • Allow linking to actions with the action key and namespace [#32]
  • Fix issue displaying the set name due to caching [#23]

Quickstart Buttons 1.2.0-pl

Released on 2015-04-13

  • Better design for the latest 2.3 theme (thanks Christian Seel!)

Quickstart Buttons 1.2.0-rc3

Released on 2015-04-09

  • Update actions dropdown and buttons to link to 2.3-style actions
  • Move menu item lower in the top nav to make sure the Installer stays first
  • Conditionally load MODX 2.3 specific stylesheet (thanks Tomislav J!)

Quickstart Buttons 1.1.1-pl

Released on 2014-08-04

  • Give windows an automatic height and fix 2.3 window vtabs styling
  • Ensure menu item is created on 2.3 by moving to components

Quickstart Buttons 1.1.0-pl

Released on 2014-05-06

  • New feature: added customizable icons for buttons (Media Source & File selection)
  • New feature: duplicate set (with buttons)

Quickstart Buttons 1.0.1-pl

Released on 2014-03-29

  • New feature: system action properties passed by string
  • Improvement: caching on dashboard widget, per user group names of the user
  • Styling issues dashboard buttons fixed (Thanks to @christianseel)

Quickstart Buttons 1.0.0-pl

Released on 2014-03-25

  • Initial release