Standard Unlimited Support

All premium extras by modmore include our standard unlimited support and lifetime updates for the current major version. As long as we support the major version you purchased, you can ask us anything via [email protected], with no time limit or limit on the number of tickets you submit.

We expect to release major versions for our premium extras on average every one or two years. When a new major version comes out, you can extend your support and updates at a reduced upgrade fee. We'll have a grace period for customers that bought a license shortly before a major version is released, and unlimited subscription holders also don't pay the upgrade fee.

If you choose not to upgrade, you can continue to use the previous major version indefinitely, but 6 months after a major version release we will stop releasing updates and providing support for that version.

ExtraMajor version 1.xMajor version 2.xMajor version 3.x
RedactorNot supported since September 2015Released September 8, 2015, current versionExpected late 2017
MoreGalleryReleased October 30, 2013, current versionTentatively expected in 2018
ContentBlocksCurrent versionTentatively expected in 2018
SimpleCartNot supportedSupported as of 2.3, released June 29, 2015, current version
CommerceAs far as support and upgrades are concerned, 0.x and 1.x are the same major version. Current version.

Getting help for modmore extras

There are different ways to get help with our extras. Depending on the urgency or type of help you need, some may be more applicable than others.

  • Browse the Frequently Asked Questions in our support center for common questions
  • Send an email to [email protected], this is the fastest way to get one-on-one help from our team. We aim to respond within 2-3 business hours, or 24 hours at most.
  • Search and/or post on our Community Forum, the modmore team is also active here, but so are dozens of other customers
  • For questions that can be answered in 140 280 characters, you can also tweet us @modmore
  • Join the #modmore channel on the MODX Community Slack for impromptu discussions

Bug reports and feature requests are also welcome in all of these places.

If you have an urgent problem, please use [email protected] and include urgent in the subject title. We don't currently offer support by phone, but if we deem a phone or Skype call to be necessary to resolve a problem, we'll give you a call.

For our open source extras, please use our Community Forum. Bug reports and feature requests are also welcome on the various public GitHub repositories we maintain.

Getting help from third party developers

Third party developers, like Sterc, may offer their own support policies and channels. We will forward any question you send to us, or you can use the information below to contact them directly.

Note that for license-related questions, you should contact the modmore team via [email protected] instead.

Each Premium Extra comes with a year of email support from the modmore team. These are the same people that develop and maintain our products, so you can be sure to get the best support possible all week long.


Disclaimer: Viewing non-Euro pricing

You are currently viewing prices in a non-Euro currency. Please be advised that these prices are estimates, based on data by Open Exchange Rates.

While we offer this currency converter hoping our users find it convenient, all purchases are made in Euro, and the final amount charged can vary depending on payment provider, day, time of day and a number of other factors outside of modmore's control. There are no guarantees on accuracy and modmore nor Open Exchange Rates can not be held liable for errors.