2017 – Year in Review

It has been a busy year at modmore. Let’s start with some fun stats:

92 releases
1,650 support tickets
3,540 new MODX sites

We also hit some nice all-time milestones this year, including:

1,850 customers
€200,000 all-time revenue
3,550 purchases
20,000 licenses in use

We shipped new releases…

Commerce went from early access to public beta…

We announced two new products…

And a few other things…


Mark bought a house!

After a two year search, Mark finally got his house with a garden for his dogs, Bommel and Turbo. The white picket fence is going up in the spring.

What have we got cooking up for 2018?

Here’s a sneak peek of a few things we have in the pipeline for 2018:

Commerce 1.0 release
It's been a long road, but we're not far from a public release. While Mark has historically been terrible at timelines, Q2 is looking good for a public release (and party). As a number of clients are finishing up their projects, we should have some interesting case studies coming up shortly that will give you an idea of what Commerce is capable of.

SiteDash official launch
SiteDash has been really well received so far. We have plenty of new features planned and hope to officially launch early next year.

Redactor 3.0
It's been a bit more delayed than expected (thanks, Commerce!), but we'll be picking it back up soon. A cleaner user experience, better configuration, and a revamped media manager are just some of the things to look forward to.

A new modmore website
Our current design has served us well since we launched in 2013, but we've outgrown it as we've added new products. We're working on a new site that will be easier to use and navigate.

More community support
We'd like to do more with, and for, the community again next year. From spending more time working on the MODX core (including MODX 3), to hosting/sponsoring/attending meetups and other events. If you have ideas that could use some help, do let us know.

Thanks for supporting modmore

We had a great year and that's down to your support. Thanks for using our products and sharing the word, we really appreciate it. We can't wait to keep making MODX even better next year.

Happy holidays!

Mark, Marc, Isaac, JP